MS Low Rocker Walnut

Morten Stenbaek

Price: €5,295.00


Low Rocker is the proud craftsman’s version on the classic American rocking chair.

Morten has made a Rocking chair with a bit more attitude and a more modern look.

By sinking the height of the seating he found it to be more pleasing to the eye and sending a more laid back look. But it’s more than the look !! The lower seating makes it easier to rock back and find your personal preference of seating angel. For a fresher look he has angled the front legs forward and put a lot of design work into the armrest.

The chairs organic shape has no sharp corners. Every component of the chair floats into each other, leaving the chair with only one surface, that’s partly broken down by fine edges to lighten the look and emphasize the lines of the chair.  The back braces gives a great lumbar support. They are flexible and able to turn and twist slightly for a personal fit.

Walnut and Red Elm as contrast wood. Finnish : Danish Oil.

Width 74 cm Depth 100 cm Height 99 cm Seat height 40/30 cm * Custom sizes is possible

delivery time – estimated 10 weeks

All Furniture by Morten Stenbæk is made from start to finish by him alone. Everything is handcrafted with great love and devotion to the trade. Just before putting on the finish all pieces are branded with his logo, serial number and date

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