Dining Room Chair MS21

Morten Stenbaek

Price: from €1,295.00


Light and elegant dining room chair from Morten Stenbæk

In this chair Morten has made a rock solid chair with a light and elegant look. The chair features a concave backrest. This is not only for look but serves a purpose. When sitting long hours by the dining table one can lay back in the chair (hang) and the concave contour gives a nice resting home for your back (unlike a straight or convex top would).

The displayed chair is done in linseed oiled Ash, but available in numerous species of wood and finishes.

Seating Height 43 cm
Total height 70 cm
Width 44 cm
Depth 50 cm

All Furniture by Morten Stenbæk is made from start to finish by him alone. Everything is handcrafted with great love and devotion to the trade. Just before putting on the finish all pieces are branded with his logo, serial number and date

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