Rocking Chair by Morten Stenbæk in the making

Introducing a Nordic version of the Rocking Chair in the making
Origin is perhaps the most respected element when it comes to Scandinavian furniture. But what if a Dane take on an all American icon like the Rocking Chair? The great thing about Scandinavian designers and craftsmen are the ability to take an International challenge and create a all Nordic take on a classic. This skilled craftsman did not choose an easy challenge – nevertheless Morten Stenbæk delivered a new take on the Rocking Chair that even turn a passionate all American fan towards the Danish version of this iconic piece of furniture. Every Chair that Morten Stenbaek produces is one of the kind limited editions. We believe in the importance in bridging culture and design and are very happy to promote Mortens beautiful furniture line on Northernmakers. Look for more in the same category here
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Her you can see me working on a custom piece. This particular rocker is one of the chairs that laid the ground for the Low Rocker design.